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History of Hogben & Partis

Faversham’s only independent and family owned Funeral Directors was founded in 1965.

Hogben & Partis provides an inclusive funeral service, tailored to each family’s requirements. All services are provided with dignity and respect for the deceased and their family, the company prides itself on the high standard of service it provides.

Chapels of Rest are at Solomon’s Lane (off St Mary’s Road), Faversham, where families can pay their last respects together.

Memorials and headstones with inscriptions can be supplied.

Hogben & Partis Ltd are members of The National Association of Funeral Directors and members of Association of Green Funeral Directors. We are also an Accredited Funeral Director of Golden Charter Funeral Plans.

Hogben & Partis was formed when John Hogben & Peter Partis decided to combine their two businesses to offer Faversham the best funeral director services it could provide.

John Hogben was a Master Carpenter and Funeral Director and started out his career helping his father to make coffins as part of their carpentry business.

Peter Partis was the local Carriage Master who provided the funeral vehicles to Hogben’s.

One of the old horse drawn hearses can be found today at the The National Trust Carriage Museum at Arlington Court.

Here’s a photo of the beautiful old hearse:

Hogben & Partis 1800's Horse Drawn Hearse

Built in the late 1800s by Kay of Margate, Kent,
this hearse was owned by Partis Undertakers of
Faversham, Kent, and used by them until the mid-
1900s. It would usually have been driven to a pair
of horses, but it could be drawn by a single horse
if required, presumably for economy. The horses
used for funerals were always black, and they often
had black ostrich feather plumes on the head pieces
of their bridles and on their pads. This hearse was
given to The National Trust by Maidstone Museum
in 2006.

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We are very proud to be able to offer Horse Drawn services to our families today as well.

Black horse drawn carriage with Hogben & Partis horse cover on the horse Black horse drawn carriage with Hogben & Partis horse cover on the horse Horse Drawn Service