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Funeral Services & Arrangements


Our involvement begins at your first contact with us and extends even beyond the day of the funeral. As soon as we are notified of the death, we will gather preliminary information and ascertain when we can arrange for the conveyance of the deceased person to our private chapel. The family’s wishes are our primary concern and after immediate assistance, we establish when it will be convenient to meet and make the final arrangements.


There are a number of things that need to be considered before you come to see us.

  • Which vehicles do you require?
  • Do you require a religious or non-religious service?
  • Where would you like the cortege to start and travel via?
  • What pieces of music would you like played?
  • Would you like to utilise the use of a live organist?
  • Any dates and times to avoid?


The arrangements can be made either at our premises or in the comfort of your own home and does involve a number of decisions. Funerals are for the living – they provide both family and friends with an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the life of the deceased person and in the funeral ceremony, to express their sorrow at their loss.


We will be happy to send you a booklet containing full details of the services that we are able to offer. In the privacy of your own home, you may read and digest the facts presented, to remind you of the things that will have been discussed at the time of making the arrangements. If, after you have read the booklet, there are any other details that require further clarification, or additional services that you may need, you can contact us either by telephone or by email.